Payment Methods

We have chosen to build a patient-centered practice that does not allow insurance companies to dictate the care we provide, enabling us to spend our time focused on providing the care our patients need.  As such, Mouth Matters Therapy, LLC does not contract with or communicate with insurance companies.  Payment will therefore be expected at the time of service.  

However, we gladly make coded receipts/superbills available, which patients may submit at their own discretion to their insurance providers for potential out-of-network outpatient physical therapy reimbursement, contingent upon individual insurance plans and deductibles.  We are unable to guarantee insurance coverage of, or payment for, our services.  Our practice does not require patients to be referred by a dentist, orthodontist, or physician in order to obtain care.

Accepted Payment Methods



Credit Card

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Health Savings Account (HSA) & Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Payment Assistance

To further help make our services accessible, we also offer an interest-free financing opportunity.

Patient care at Mouth Matters Therapy begins with an initial one-on-one session consisting of an evaluation plus treatment.  This first visit is typically 60-90 minutes in duration for children with parents present, and 90-120 minutes in duration for teenagers and adults.  This in-person session allows us to assess anatomy and function, screen for interdisciplinary needs, and get patients started on a personalized home program to begin addressing their concerns.

Following the initial session, patients receive a detailed summary containing:

  • Personalized initial home exercise program instructions (with necessary supplies issued during the session);
  • Education on symptom management and additional resources;
  • Referrals to other professionals and services, as appropriate;
  • A recommended plan of care for continued treatment specific to their needs, and related fee information.

With some variability based upon patient age, ability, interdisciplinary needs, etc., subsequent treatment plans typically consist of between 10-15 visits scheduled over the course of 6-12 months.  Treatment sessions are up to 60 minutes in duration each. 

Practice hours and patient sessions are by appointment only.  To speak directly with a therapist to discuss your specific concerns and treatment needs, or to schedule an evaluation, please contact us.